AGS World Cup Prediction League

All times are in BST
Group Stage Predictions
by 16:00 on June 14th
(Grace period until 18:00 on June 19th)
Last 16 Knockout predictions
by 14:00* on June 30th
Quarter Final Predictions
by 14:00* on July 6th
Semi Final Predictions
by 19:00 on July 10th
3rd Place Prediction
by 14:00* on July 14th
Final Prediction
by 16:00 on July 15th
*Due to being on a free host, the site is unavailable between the hours of about 14:00 to 15:00 (BST) every day (sometimes a little longer).
If this happens, don't panic. Just try again later. Contact me by PM or in the thread if you have any other issues.


(1a) Offiicially, predictions for the first round of 48 group stages games will be accepted right up until the first game (Russia vs. Saudi Arabia) kicks off at 16:00BST on June 14th.

(1b) To allow for late comers, the League will remain open to new participants until all teams have played one game (namely 18:00BST on June 19th). Of course, you may not submit a score for any games that have already been played.
(2a) Scoring will work like this for each game:

If you predict the correct RESULT you score ONE point (RESULT here means correctly predicting the winning team or correctly predicting a tie/draw).
If you predict the correct SCORE you score THREE points (SCORE here means correctly predicting the actual scoreline).
If you FAIL to make a correct prediction you score NIL points

NOTE: This year, unlike previous years, there are no point deductions for failing to submit a prediction. You simply won't be able to score.
(3a) During the knockout stages all points are DOUBLED (so TWO points for correct RESULT or SIX points for correct SCORE).

(3b) For the FINAL, all points will be TRIPLED (THREE for RESULT or NINE for SCORE). I hope this will add some excitement.
NOTE: This year there are no wildcards predictions.
(4a) Please submit your predictions using the online form provided ( and provide your Forum Name. Your predictions will be emailed to a special email address.

(4b) Please submit all the predictions in one go for each stage of the competition. This will mean making all 48 group stage predictions in one sitting. But it will get dramitically easier in the knockout stages.

NOTE: Do not type any personal or private information into the text fields. Your AGS forum name and your predictions are the only things you will need to post. You will never be asked for any other information.
(5a) You may submit predictions for knockout stage games from the moment that all the games of the previous stage are completed (e.g. Once all the group stage games have been played you may submit predictions for the Last 16 round).

(5b) I will prompt for relevant predictions when the time comes.
(6) Once you have submitted a prediction for a game, it cannot be changed (unless you can convince me there is an extremely good reason for doing so).
(7) Only results after normal time count (90 mins + time added on). Goals scored during extra time or penalties will not be included. So, if you predicted a 1-1 draw and the game goes on to extra tme and finishes 2-1, you will still win the points provided the score at the regular full-time whistle was 1-1.
(8) I will be maintaining the spreadsheet and league table on a publicly viewable document. I will also keep the league table in this first post as updated as possible, though I won't always be able to update things straight away. But rest assured, if you submitted a valid prediction before the deadline, it will count, even if you can't see it reflected in the spreadsheet yet. It just means I'm probably asleep or at work. I'm in the Japanese time-zone through this, so please bear with me.

Good Luck and Happy Predicting!